The formation of dilated blood vessels:

The first clinical symptom is called erythema. Initially erythema passes, but over time its effects strengthen and remain permanently. As a consequence, persistent dilated blood vessels that are visible through the epidermis are created. Such changes are defined by the term telangiectasia.

External factors leading to expansion of blood vessels:

  • Chronic exposure to the sun
  • Frequent tanning
  • Wind
  • Large temperature fluctuations
  • High humidity
  • Long-term use of local steroids, especially in the face, neck and neck by predisposed individuals (thin skin, light skin, children)
  • Using of biostimulating lasers

Treatment of skin with dilated capillaries:

  • Protection of the skin from UV (sun, solarium, lasers biostimulating)
  • Application of UVB and UVA filters, as well as IR filters
  • Skin protection from cold and damp and the use of protective creams in the autumn-winter
  • Avoid overheating the facial skin in a sauna or in hot air
  • Supplementing vitamin deficiencies – mainly B2, PP, C
  • Use of appropriate cosmetics / cosmoceutics for skin with Spider Angioma or telangiectasia which help to shrink the blood vessels.

In our beauty parlour Blood vessel occlusion is treated with: