IPL (Intense Pulse Light), that is impulsive light source, this working comprehensively device counted among the family of lasers, although isn’t a laser in traditional of this word for meaning. Similarly to he he/she is transmitting the bundle of rays of light however which aren’t cohesive and uniform, but it been distracted and about the different length. Thanks to this new technology beams of light can reach to different depths of our skin and act in different directions, from one side to stimulate the production of collagen, on the other – to eliminate all small stains, hair, wrinkles and reddenings. The appearance of the skin after the treatment is made conditional on the type of cured changes.
In case of the treatment fotoodmładzania it is possible to expect little zaczerwienia skins which usually yields in the first twenty-four hours after the treatment. In case of removing changes pigmentowych directly after the treatment is reaching their dimming which gradually within is giving 2 weeks up. However at removing vascular changes a little bruise can appear, if the light hit on the blood vessel. Changes usually continue from a few days to two weeks. It is possible to precipitate healing them, spreading on the skin with preparations with the vitamin K or the arnica which partition walls of blood vessels will prop up and will streamline the microcirculation.