The history of makeup dates back to ancient times. Already in ancient Egypt, the use of various beauty preparations was an expression of everyday care for the beauty. Elegant Egyptian drew the outline of the eyes and dark eyebrows drawn up inter alia powder of burnt, pulverized almonds, malachite and copper lips and gave spectacular color with red ocher. Make-up – just as centuries ago – is an art, with the difference that nowadays it is an art rather massive, but not always.

Well-made beauty makeup emphasizes strengths, masks minor imperfections and defects of the skin. Increasingly, however, requires that the color cosmetics also served other functions. To meet the relevant standards, they are manufactured using a special production lines, such as in the case of pharmaceuticals. All are examined multilaterally, generally contain a minimum amount of preservatives, is odorless. Substances used for their production undergo comprehensive testing microbiological and chemical tests, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.


Healthy skin is the best makeup for every woman, because everything that arises in Jane Iredale is a true extension of skin care. The recipe is based on natural minerals wyącznie which do not constitute the medium for bacteria. Therefore, their use is recommended after any aesthetic medicine treatments, after which the skin needs recovery.

Jane Iredale Make this unconventional makeup of advanced production technology, using the highest quality ingredients Cosmetic and vitamins, antioxidants and above all a natural SPF protection. Mark was honored with the Jane Iredale Skin Cancer Foundation’s award for mineral powders and Dream Tint and Jun Drink as effective protection from harmful solar UV rays. Jane Iredale makeup is primarily therapeutic, created from pure, highly condensed, natural minerals. It is the world’s first line of a company that has implemented its concept of operations based on a line of cosmetics that not only beautify, but also to protect, heal and correct any imperfections.

The Perfect NZOZ we make up, day, evening and bridal using Jane Iredale cosmetics that strategic projections may be purchased at our Center will also.