The scar is the natural result of wound healing, during which the damaged skin is replaced by new tissue with collagen fibers randomly distributed and with poor vascularization. The cause of scarring may be inflammation of the skin, such as acne, then we are talking about acne scars. Often as a result of the so-called burn up. pooparzeniowe scars. Other causes include skin tissue incisions during surgery, traces a history of smallpox, skin damage and individual predisposition of the human body. Usually at the beginning of the scar is red, and then gradually fades away, passing the color pink to yellowish or pearl. But the impossible is the total return to its original color, because it lacks the fibrous tissue of the natural pigment of the skin. There is also the hair follicles, because the Italian does not grow on the scar.

Healing process takes place in four phases. The first is the local inflammatory phase, starting at the time of tissue damage. Within 24-48 hours it comes to tissue hyperemia, and capillary permeability increases. Then begins a limited inflammatory phase, during which the microbes die, and cleans the wound. It takes about seven days, after which the healing process goes in the right phase of healing. Fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) with high intensity produce collagen – a scar forms, which after some time the bulge. The fourth phase is the reconstruction of the scar, which lasts from several months to over a year.

Scar removal treatments: